Prep Academy of Learning
About PREP Academy of Learning

PREP Academy was created to meet the needs for high quality childcare for the children of PREP Academy of Learning, LLC, employees, and those of our corporate and community neighbors. We were created to provide a secure foundation for your child to ensure successful growth and learning.

PREP Academy Summer Camp began in the summer of 2017. We had a very successful summer, which led to the establishment of the after school program. We are also licensed to serve 3 and 4 year olds throughout the day. Our first year, we were fortunate to have a Pre-K graduate.

Our main objective is to have fun, improve social skills, and encourage creative expression. We will utilize a variety of activities to accomplish this goal. ELA and Math will be our academic focus. Our lessons and activities will be derived from Common Core Standards for the upcoming grade.


Upon enrollment, each child will be assessed to determine his or her needs. At that time, we will determine if your child is ready for preparation for the next grade or if remediation is necessary. Parents will be informed of assessment results.

We will also have STEAM/STEM activities and other recreational activities such as Spanish, arts and crafts, music/singing, dancing, basketball, swimming, and other fun-filled activities. There will be various workshops and activities that teach the kids life-skills.